Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is an embarrassing condition which makes it difficult to interact with other people in everyday situations, causing mental distress and lowering the quality of life. It concerns a large group of people and the factors that may worsen the condition are: changes in temperature, hot spices, tobacco, alcohol and emotions.

An effective way of treatment is to treat the particular part of the body with botulinum toxin type A.

The toxin can be applied to:

  • forehead
  • hairy part of the head
  • axilla
  • palms
  • feet

After injecting the toxin (the doctor decides on the dose) into the treated area, sweating stops after about 14 days. The procedure does not take long and is performed under local anaesthesia.

Price list:
Underarms hyperhidrosis treatment 1800 PLN
Treatment of hand hyperhidrosis 2000 PLN
Treatment of feet hyperhidrosis 2500 PLN