Hair loss

The growth of a hair is subject to a clearly defined cycle of development, regulated by many biological and external factors.  Hair loss is a natural phase of such cycle which should not worry us if the number of 100 hairs daily is not exceeded. If it happens or if we observe occurrence of bald patches in adults and children then we should visit a specialist.

Do not begin any treatment without doctor’s advice! The causes of hair loss are various so it is recommendable to consult a dermatologist who will also perform trichoscopy hair evaluation.


The most common causes of hair loss are:


  • dermatological diseases
  • chronic and auto-immunological diseases (including thyroid diseases)
  • improper diet (nutritional deficiencies, anaemia)
  • stress (caused also by surgeries, labour)
  • chemical damage
  • medicines the patient takes
  • mental disorders (for example Trichotillomania)

Well-groomed and healthy hair is an important part of our image so it is not worth taking risks. The majority of hair loss types are reversible if a right diagnosis is made and followed by a therapy. There are different plans of treatment depending on the cause of the problem. Usually we combine pharmacological therapy (medicines on prescription) with effective supplementary therapy and mesotherapy (PRP, i-PRF, vitamin cocktails, Regenera Activa).