Dermoscopy / Videodermoscopy FotoFinder®

Dermatoscopy is a screening which allows doctors to early detect melanoma and other skin cancers. Dermatoscope is an instrument that allows inspection of the structure of epidermis, on the basis of which the specialist can classify the change and recommend a proper method of removing it. In our office we provide also FotoFinder® videodermoscopy. It provides digital evaluation and archivisation of examined lesions.

There are more and more cases of melanoma, so remember about prophylaxis.
Sunbathe reasonably, avoid sun beds, apply sunscreen and creams with the right SPF and protection against UVA and check all the marks regularly.

Melanocyte marks (called moles) which are classified as dangerous for the patient’s health should always be removed surgically and followed by histological evaluation. Mild changes (like fibroma) can be removed with electro-surgery or with a laser.

The examination is quick, painless and very important for the patient’s health. It should be done every 6-12 months by a dermatologist or a surgical oncologist.

Consultation with hand dermoscope/videodermoscope 200/300-500 PLN