Mesotherapy is a treatment where the skin is injected with formulations containing unstabilized hyaluronic acid of synthetic origin. The treatment improves skin hydration and elasticity, and produces a lifting effect. Injecting the skin with a suitable formulation increases moisture levels in the skin and compensates for endogenous hyaluronic acid deficiency which occurs with age. Even a single treatment improves the general appearance and condition of the skin, helps the skin regain tone and elasticity, and minimizes visible signs of aging (reduces deep wrinkles and completely eliminates minor wrinkles). Mesotherapy formulations contain highly concentrated high-molecular mass hyaluronic acid, which is better at retaining water in tissues and so has greater capability of hydrating the skin. The products are safe and perfectly bio-compatible, and undergo complete biodegradation in tissues after a certain period of time. Mesolift treatment is applied to the face, neck and decolletage.

Best effects are achieved with circa 4 treatments: the first two treatments 2 weeks apart, the third one after a month, and the last treatment for maintaining the results – after 3 months. The effects of the overall course of treatment depend on the number of individual treatments. As with any intradermic or subcutaneous injections, mesolift might cause small bumps, bruising or pinpoint bruising to occur, as well as swelling and redness of the skin at the injection sites. These side effects will usually disappear within a few days. In the case of persons who are prone to hyperpigmentation, temporary or permanent skin pigmentation disorders might sporadically occur at the treatment sites.

Price list:

Mesotheraphy (koktail):
around the eyes from 300 PLN
scalp from 400 PLN
face from 600 PLN

(Price depends on the area and the product used)