Fractional laser Alma Harmony XL Pixel®Pro

Fractional laser Alma Harmony Pixel® is a device which is used for intense skin regeneration, evening out its structure, repairing sun damage, scars from injuries of acne, strongly facilitates collagen synthesis.

The laser head does not cause permanent skin damage, but allows to scatter the impulse and get small “holes” surrounded by healthy skin. Thanks to using this technology healing is very fast.

The efficiency of fractional lasers is confirmed by numerous scientific research and publications in prestigious branch magazines.

Course of the procedure:
Local anaesthesia is used before the procedure. During the laser therapy the patient may feel tingling, burning and warmth at varying intensity, depending on the used parameters.
After procedure redness and swelling are normal, then within few days peeling starts. Another procedure, if necessary, is performed after 4-6 weeks. The final effect is visible after 3-6 months.
During the laser treatment, you need to protect your skin and use creams with high SPF factor.

Price list:

Fractional laser:
face/ other areas and indications 1000-1400 PLN/ discussed individually