Eye area

The changes coming with time in the eye area often result in a solemn, tired look, ageing you by several years. You have bags under your eyes, shades under your eyes, drooping eyelids – how to prevent them?
Trust a specialist! It’s an area difficult to correct, requiring a great knowledge and experience, but effects of properly chosen procedures are spectacular.

I offer you the following procedures or their combination:

  • fractional laser – improves skin tension, lifting eyelids and reducing minor wrinkles.
  • Ultera – lifting eye brows
  • fillers – lifting the eye brows, tear trough and shades under the eyes
  • thread lifts – raising eye brows, correcting minor wrinkles, improving skin tenderness.
  • botulinum toxin (e.g. Botox) – lifting eye brows, correcting “crow’s feet”
  • mesotherapy – moisturising the skin, reducing minor wrinkles
  • Dermapen – condensing, moisturising skin, flattening out the wrinkles
  • Peeling – improving skin tension, reducing wrinkles